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I'm a Software Engineer with a Accounting background. Fun fact is I also have played professionally in Gaming from 2010-2013. My goal in life is to make a positive change or impact in people's lives. Best case scenario, a positive change to the world - and I believe I can using learning and using technology.


Serranto | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | 2017 - Present

    - Built E-sports platform using HTML with jQuery and MongoDB Express backend for prospective professional players in Australia looking for sponsorships; over 5,000 views per month.
    - Implemented Steam login using ‘Steam OpenID provider’ and used Fetch requests to Steam API storing user data in MongoDB, enhancing signup speeds by 66%.
    - Provided code reviews of JavaScript and PHP features for improving livestream viewership of major Dota2 tournaments with prize pools reaching $1,000,000 annually.

Course Report | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | 2017

    - Refactored legacy Ruby on Rails codebase that serves as online education resource for prospective coding students with over 300,000 of views per month.
    - Optimized complex database schema (50+ tables). Used Bullet gem and Mini-profiler results to write Ruby code using hash lookups, pre-caches and pagination to fix N+1 query problems. Reducing load times of 4+ main site pages by 20 – 60% as well as reducing memory usage by 14 – 57%.
    - Created system using JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Slim to enable users to immediately see coding school match results after form submission (30X faster than previous email result process).

Tunelark | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | 2017

    - Built education guitar music game using JavaScript, ReactJS, and Redux. Optimizing code base by over 3X.
    - Developed prototype to learn notes of a guitar by identifying them on a fretboard through creating 8+ ReactJS components, using Fetch to load backend data, and storing state in Redux. The prototype can be used for 5 planned Guitar based games.
    - Crafted game to be modern, adaptable, and responsive using ReactJS, functional programming, and CSS3 to translate components previously built in CoffeeScript and make game 100% scalable to any screen size.

TTT Australia Pty Ltd | Tax Accountant | Sydney, Australia 2013 - 2015

    - Designed standardized spreadsheets using VBA to reduce setup time for new client folders by more than 90%.
    - Automated amortisation calculation process to only require input of amortization percentage variable for different assists classifications using VBA, improving system speed by > 66%.
    - Improved system speed by over 55% through automating rental-income calculation process utilizing VBA.



JavaScript, Python, C


ReactJS, Redux, React Native, D3.js, Flask, Node.js, Express, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Git, Heroku, jQuery, HTML5, FlexBox, CSS3, SCSS, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Jest, BS4


University of New South Wales (UNSW)

2010 - 2013

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting / Finance)
  • Sydney Grammar School (SGS)

    2003 - 2009

  • Higher School Certificate (HSC)